XK Broadsport Jaguar

XK Broadsport Jaguar

Occasionally in life, there comes a time when second best simply isn't good enough. A time when you've worked hard and dealt with the tough issues life throws at you to the point when you can say 'this time I want the best'. 6 years ago I reached that moment. I'd had 5 XK's over 25 years. Each slightly better than the one before but none remotely approaching my 'dream XK'. Most people are not lucky enough to get the chance to realise their dream, but I was, and I did. 

The resultant consultation with Guy over coffee and then a glass of wine shaped 7NXK. My Jaguar XK120. I wanted to sit comfortably in the car. At 6ft 3" (1.92m) and 17stones (107kilos) you cannot sit comfortably in an XK120/40. However with a Broadsport XK you can and I do. 

I wanted a steel bodied car with aluminium louvered bonnet and a 'Monza' fuel filler cap. We agreed and it happened. I could have specified all aluminium and I could have asked for all steel. It was my choice. You're starting to get the picture? I chose my colour, an original Montliery bronze, and the other 23 Broadsports have similarly been the customers choice, two pack or cellulose, metallic or solid colour. Pink if you want it, (although you may have to argue strongly for it!). It's your car.

Personally, I wanted a lot of useable power with lots of torque right through the rev range. I therefore specified 4 litres and 2" sand cast carburettors. Others have had original engines beautifully built and balanced with standard carburettors, or awesome semi race engines generating some 300bhp through triple webers or fuel injection. Some require FIA legal race engines because they want to rally their cars. Nothing is a problem. It's your car and we can literally do anything. The Peking to Paris Broadsport looks like any other XK. However, it's engine is purpose built to run on poor quality fuel and deal with the extreme rigours of 10,000 miles of rallying in the most unfriendly of driving conditions.

I wanted my car to cruise at 90mph at 3000rpm, on the autobahn of course. So, I chose a 5 speed gearbox and ratios to enable this to happen. Others have wanted 4 speed and overdrive, or the original Moss box, but this time one that had all it's gears when you wanted them and not when the Moss box decided you could. I wanted brakes that stopped me in modern driving conditions, so chose disc brakes all around with 4 pot calipers on the front. I didn't want a servo but many have had. I didn't want power steering but I did want rack and pinion as opposed to the original recirculating ball. No problem, the choice was mine and Guy advised along the way.

Nearing completions I wanted C type bucket seats, chrome wire wheels, these tyres not those, that heater not this one but I could have had air conditioning. I wanted leather luggage not modern goretex. I wanted a hood but not side screens. I wanted a bonnet strap and spotlights.  When it finally became the piece of art I had already fallen in love with, I wanted the comfort of a 12 month warranty, and Guy went one step further and offers a buy back, though strangely nobody yet has. I suppose slightly because, why would you sell the car when you've worked hard enough to say, this is my perfect car. Only one Broadsport to date has even been resold, and the remainder, happily, continue to perform in the way they were designed.

In true Victor Kiam style, I liked my car and the Broadsport concept so much that I became part of the company. Together with Guy, we have the pleasure of building 3 per year, alongside our other cars. 

Despite my luck, and a little hard work, I remain a sensible and pragmatic person. I enjoy the things I enjoy, but I don't make silly, careless decisions about what I did and do with my hard earned money. Fortunately in that case, but I suppose not surprisingly, the Broadsport XK makes sound business sense too. XK's are becoming increasingly hard to find. The skills required to complete the work are also becoming rare. We aren't getting any younger and as such these cars are going to become more expensive to build and with the world becoming a smaller place they are going to become ever more desirable. XK's go to China now and it appears the middle eastern countries can't get enough exotica. So in a world were nothing is certain, I believe the XK Broadsport makes sound financial sense too.

I mentioned having had 5 previous XK's before committing to a Broadsport. If I had known about Broadsports when I purchased my second car, I would have saved myself over £70k on the upgrades, paint and trim I subsequently spent, trying to make my perfect car into something that it was never going to be. By the time I committed to Guy for my Broadsport, the value of XK's had doubled across the market. I had a car of increasing value but the more valuable cars were stretching away from me. Constantly out of reach and despite my best efforts moving further away. I wish I'd bought 7NXK 15 years ago.

You work hard for your money and are rightly thoughtful about what you spend it on. We all agree with that. However, if what I've written here makes sense and is a scenario you may recognise, then make the call and discuss with us what we might do for you. We are only passing through you know, and personally I prefer to pass in a 4 litre ... there I go again. I look forward to speaking to you if you choose to call.

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