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View from the pit wall. Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting
Written by Neil

When you’ve been the man holding the wheel for as long as I can remember the invitation from Goodwood to take our ex works TR2 to the 72nd Members Meeting was tinged with a certain frustration. Guy and I share usually do endurance events like Classic Le Mans and share the car. Unfortunately not possible with this 30 minute ‘sprint’. Guy is quicker than me according to him and so he got the drive.

I didn’t know how that would feel sitting on the pit wall watching you piece of history belting around the Goodwood tarmac ribbon as it had done in 1958 Members meeting. It was great. I would go as far as to say I enjoyed it every bit as much as racing myself.

So how did the ‘quicker than you’ Broad do? Bloody well actually. The field was packed with exotic machinery and lesser cars tuned to within an inch of their life. However our over geared ‘old gal’ sitting on 2 year old tyres blasted around with some aplomb. The quick one qualified 10th out of 30 odd. I almost had a nose bleed we were that high up the grid.

We had been allocated number 7. The preferred race number of ‘the legend’ that is Sir Stirling Moss. It would have been a missed opportunity to not get a photo with the great man and Sir Stirling posing with PKV693! And then our racing apprentice and triple karting champion, one Angus Fender got in on the act too. Another photo for the mantelpiece. Angus is already taller than Sir Stirling aged 13. Not sure if F1 will be an option for my boy but he can certainly race PKV693 when the increasingly grey haired silver fox that is Guy Broad hangs up his open faced helmet!

Union Jack drops and they are away. Lap one and the silver fox has manoeuvred PKV693 into 8th and has a gap on 9th. Another nose bleed imminent? No, the race is red flagged due to a car rolling over. Bloody selfish really but thankfully only some mangled bodywork to repair.

A re grid sees the advantage lost. Surely Guy can’t make such a good start this time can he? Well, he did and when good friend Trevor Groom found himself with nowhere to go as an Aston spun Trevor Groom became Trevor Gloom as his famous car became significantly shorter.  Super news for team PKV though as the following mess turned to an advantage that enabled Guy to break away and find a gap to finish 7th. Deliriously happy we all retired to the bar for champagne and stories of the race and a day sitting on deck chairs enjoying what was Revival plus for us. All the fun with 20,000 very knowledgeable spectators making it a ‘good sized’ crowd. Surely it was like this in 1958 when PKV693 last graced the super Goodwood circuit.

Next stop. Le Mans Classic. Plateau two. Come and see Neil and Guy if you are going

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