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The Maltese Triumph!

It's all very simple really. You drop the car at the shipping company in Essex and 10 days later you collect it from scrutineering in Malta with a sticker on that says the car is ready to race. We fettled the car and filled it with fuel before we dropped at the docks and literally, drank, raced, ate and meandered gently through a week of life in a very pleasant way. The hosts couldn't be more helpful. Incredibly understated about the event to a fault really. Literally this is one of the great classic car secrets. Shhhh don't tell anybody else. Its bloody fantastic. Great hotel, dinner at the Royal Palace, a cruise to Gozo for lunch and a stagger back with a half of shandy too much to reflect upon whilst I snooze by the pool. Oh and then the hillclimb, sprints and races. All bloody fantastic. Best fun I've had all year. Drop the car at the docks and 10 days later you collect it change the oil and carry on looking at a maginifcent 1st Place trophy made uniquely by Mdina Glass. If you do nothing else next year go to Mdina GP

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