Aston-Martin V8 Vantage

Year of Manufacture: 2005

Make: Aston-Martin

Model: V8 Vantage

Exterior Colour: Meteorite Silver

Interior Colour: Iron Ore Red

Registration: FJ55KXH

Transmission: 6 Speed Manual

Year of Manufacture: 2005

Mileage: 36,000

Chassis Number: SCFBA03B06GC00108

Engine Size: 4700cc

Fuel Type: Petrol


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With the same owner for the last 12 years and presented in stunning Meteorite Silver with 6 speed manual gearbox our Vantage is a fabulous thing to sit in and drive. I have owned several Astons over the years. The evolution from DB7 to DB9 was incredible. I loved both but the DB9 was such a huge step forward. The V8 Vantage with manual 6 speed gearbox presents in my opinion the perfect enthusiast drivers Aston .

From the exterior it is every inch an Aston and a beautiful package it is too. I love the shape and the colour really suits it. The branded brake calipers visible behind those perfect rims hint at the performance the car offers the enthusiast driver.

Inside the cabin is the beautiful deep red leather contrasting the alcantara roof lining and grey console housing those perfect gauges and buttons. The perfect seating position can be found for any size of driver. Ignition on and press the starter button and the V8 fires into life with that growl unique to the Aston.

To drive the Aston is a sportscar. The DB9 was very much a grand touring car that could be a sports car. This is the other way around. A sports car that will make you grin ear to ear that can also be a docile run around town or grand tourer. There are lots of these cars that have 100,000 mile plus on the clock which hints at the reliability that can be attained with good service and annual maintenance

Here we have 36000 and the same owner for the last 12 years during which time the mileage has gone from 18656 to its present 36000 with a service pretty much every year and as stipulated by the service manual. This service history is documented in the retained service and drivers operating manual.

So what is this well maintained and looked after piece of Aston Martin history like to drive? Some have struggled with the clutch. BUT I don’t have that issue here. Maybe those who struggled had been driving automatic cars for most of their life. There is no issue with the clutch or gearbox on this car. It’s an easy bite point and smooth snick snick engaging gear operation. It can be an easy docile car to drive. However, when you push the throttle peddle with purpose the V8 responds instantaneously and can send you hurtling down the road with that amazing Aston V8 yowling behind you. Steering is power assisted and perfectly balanced. You point the car at a corner and throttle through with purpose and precision. The car feels really balanced and thoroughly well thought through with performance and driver ergonomics in mind.

You will arrive at your chosen destination relaxed or thrilled depending on how you choose to drive the car. It’s your choice and the car will perform exactly as you want it to. Thrilling in my case.

The car is ‘fully loaded’ with all the luxury amenities of a modern car. Added to the thrill of drive and the fact these cars are good for 150,000 plus with no issue and this V8 Vantage offers the chance to be your everyday car or your occasional thrilling adventure car. What ever you want tis Aston Martin V8 Vantage can give it to you