1962 Aston Martin DB4

1962 Aston Martin DB4 Series 4

We are very honoured to be entrusted with the sale of this incredibly rare Aston Martin DB4. Surely one of the last chances to buy such a car. One owner from new unrestored car with warranted 51k miles.

I have sat on a chair in the spring sunshine looking at this car for over an hour trying to decide what it is about it that makes it so magical. Is it the fact it is very valuable? Not sure. Then I took it for a drive for over an hour. Returning to base I can now explain what I think is so great about this car.

It is a very valuable car and you can’t escape that, however it’s a ‘shabby chic’ car that only one family have owned that’s very valuable and that’s why it is so cool. There are dings and scratches on the paint. There is some corrosion on the bodywork too and some bits where the owner has ‘touched up’ in a way that you would you everyday Ford Fiesta.

Back when new it was the family everyday car. They went on holiday in it, to Tesco, down the pub, to work. It sat outside in the rain and shine. The paint faded in the sun. This is a very used car and it is wonderful because of that. The same family have used it abused it loved it and couldn’t sell it even when they moved onto other cars.

Now, for the first time ever comes the chance for a new owner to own and cherish this car.

The new owner will probably paint the car and detail it. They will perform various mechanicals improvements. I would do those things if I could afford the car. Yes the trim is patinated and needs some attention but I would hope that it doesn’t become a concours show car.

In my view this car needs improving and maintaining just like my 200 year old listed house. When you take ownership of a listed building you are forced to observe protocol and respect the house for what it was and has become. The same should be the case for this magnificent Aston Martin DB4.

If you are to be the new owner then you will be a very very lucky person indeed.



    • Make: Aston Martin
    • Model: DB4 Series 4
    • Year of Manufacture: 1962
    • Registration Number: SVL808
    • Exterior Colour: Fern Green Metallic
    • Interior Colour: Black
    • Body type: Fixed Head Coupe
    • Number of Doors: 2
    • Engine number: TBA
    • Chassis Number: TBA
    • Engine Size: 3670cc
    • Fuel: Petrol
    • Transmission Type: 4-speed manual
    • Mileage: 51587


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