1965 Mercedes 230SL Pagoda

1965 Mercedes 230SL Pagoda

I have always loved the Pagoda Mercedes. The chance came to buy this car and I intended and possibly still do intend to restore and keep it. However, we have a pretty full order book and realistically will I get the chance to drive the car? So before I make that decision I will offer the car For Sale and see if I can find a buyer who loves this car and the idea of what it can be.

In the same hands since the 10/10/75 as acknowledged in the original green log book. Only the supplying dealer and one other owner prior to that make this a very rare opportunity indeed. The mileage is 59444 and this is correct and supported by MOT’s other supporting bills and history. Original right hand drive and retaining its original engine and drive train complete the picture for a great simple project in principle

The car is not a barn find. More a garage find. The car has been continuously MOT’d and yet rarely driven more than a few miles each year. As such it would pass an MOT today quite easily.

Quite often when we see such a car the exterior paint is better than the underside of the car. These cars are notoriously subject to corrosion. However when we recovered the car to the workshop and put the car on a ramp we could see that the underside was in very good order and an invoice for £4000 is in the file for recent chassis leg remedial rot work. This has been carried out to a high standard.

The car needs painting and some metalwork but not a lot. It is a simple body restoration and would be ready for the road in this respect in several weeks.

When we put fuel in the car and a charged battery the car started quite easily but presented a metallic knock from the top of the engine. We believe this is a valve issue and not a difficult fix for us. The bottom of the engine appears very strong with good oil pressure and compression . We have driven the car around the estate and the power steering and auto gearbox work very well and the car will be a delight to drive. The trim would clean up really well. However there is a rip on the drivers seat and the dash top requires replacing.

In tribute to the former owner we are inclined to restore as required but preserve as much as we possibly can.

The hood is the original and has hardly seen the light of day as the former owner preferred the hard top.

There are certain features like the 8 track hi-fi together with Simon and Garfunkel and Rolling Stones cassettes that are charming reminders of the age of this car. This must have been a great car to drive and own in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s very cool now and must have been quite a thing to admire in the day. 

It should be an easy restoration in a dark metallic blue with refurbished cream trim, new hood, refreshed top end of the motor and various mechanical perishables updated to ensure a beautiful car fit for the road and able to drive anywhere you would wish with confidence and no small amount of style. This will be a fabulous car sooner rather than later. I will do it for myself if I can’t find a suitable buyer to take on this wonderful car in the spirit and in tribute to its former owner.

The price is by discussion and dependant on specification


    • Make: Mercedes
    • Model: 230SL Pagoda
    • Exterior Colour: Blue
    • Interior Colour: Cream
    • Reg. Number DHY890C
    • Transmission type: Automatic
    • Year of Manufacture: 1965
    • Mileage: 59444
    • Engine Size: 2306cc
    • Engine Number 12798122002317
    • Chassis Number 11304222010973
    • Fuel Type: PETROL

The price is by discussion and dependant on specification

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