1969 AC Cobra Hawk

A superb predominantly factory built Cobra by Hawk. Presents really well with silver paint, black trim and chrome competition wires wheels. There is full weather gear too. All in all this is a very well presented car to look at that will visually stand scrutiny from the most discerning classic car enthusiast.

However the ‘show’ is very much secondary to the ‘go’ with this car. Fire up the competition spec 3.9litre V8 and the growling exhaust note brings an instant smile to you face. If you like cars you have to smile when you fire up the Cobra. From the surprisingly comfortable seating position you are greeted by all the right dials in the right positions. The cabin is indeed a very welcoming place to conduct the V8 Orchestra using your right foot to conduct the massed horse power available.

Engage the five speed gearbox into first and drop the clutch with 4000rpm on the rev counter and leave a long black rubber line on the forecourt of Fender and Broad. More smiles! On the road the car is patient and compliant waiting for you to push the throttle toward the carpet. When you do the engine doesn’t hesitate. Have no doubt this car will spirit you along very quickly to very very high speed effortlessly. It really is blindingly quick. Confidence is all important when driving a car like this. Reassuringly the car has great brakes and direct positive steering to ensure that all that mass of horse power and torque can be scrubbed of with ease. The car will accelerate from 0-60 in around 6 seconds. Crucially it brakes from 60-0 just as positively

What a great car. A lot of smiles for not a lot of money.


    • Make: AC Cobra
    • Model: Hawk
    • Exterior Colour: Silver
    • Interior Colour: Black
    • Vehicle Type: Roadster
    • Number of Doors: 2
    • Year of Manufacture: 1969
    • Registration Number: HGC 665J
    • Chassis Number: STSLHAWK97086
    • Engine Number: 36D 11542235
    • Engine Size: 3900CC
    • Fuel: Petrol
    • Transmission Type: 5spd Manual
    • Mileage: 21,000


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