1980 Red Porsche 928s

1980 Red Porsche 928s

The Porsche 928 was a supercar of its time. Capable of express 150mph performance and yet comfortable and refined in a way that the 911 never was. The Porsche V8 engine was and is a fire breathing monster of a motor situated upfront and mated to usually an auto transmission. Less than 20% of cars enjoying a 5 speed manual. Rapidly becoming appreciated again gathering supporters of all ages from all parts of the classic car world the 928 represents a reliable and inexpensive opportunity to enjoy an icon of 1970’s engineering. 

This MANUAL right hand drive car offers an extremely rare highly desirable, extensively restored on the button opportunity to own one of these fabulous cars

The first time I remember seeing one of these cars was as a teenager in 1980. A friend’s dad who was the senior buyer of British Shoe Corporation had one as his company car! He took me for a drive in it and the legacy of that ‘event’ lived with me until I bought my own car. The phrase ‘what’ll it do Mike’ was answered with a trip down the A5 dual carriageway with the 100mph figure being passed and very well passed by the time the dual carriageway returned to single. The car was simply awesome in 1980 and the memory couldn’t be erased. It was an itch I had to scratch!

This car is a UK RHD car that lived a lot of the last 20years in France. I purchased the car 2 years ago and returned it to its original UK registration number. We have extensively restored the car including a ‘glass out’ repaint, wheel refurbishment and new tyres. Visually the car looks superb. The trim is original patinated black leather. Slightly tired in places BUT all original. Everything including the sunroof and air con work correctly.

Mechanically the car has had a full ‘engine out’ refresh. Initially to cure an oil leak from the cam cover we refreshed every part of the engine short of an engine rebuild. The air conditioning was uprated to S2 specification and all radiators and associated parts where refreshed. We even replaced the manifold studs to prevent problems in future. Same for the suspension. If it needed doing we have done it.

As such the car sits superbly with condition 1 paintwork and in prefect working order. We have over £20k invested in the car which I have enjoyed driving over the past 2 years. There are bill for over £30k on file and the car as a manual car in fine order represents a great chance to own and enjoy without major cost one of these fast appreciating supercars. 

Derek Bells car recently fetched £100k+ at auction. Mine is a quarter of that and he isn’t that much better of a race driver than me..................is he?’ 


    • Make: PORSCHE
    • Model: 928s
    • Exterior Colour: Red
    • Interior Colour: Black
    • Reg. Number: GBW360V
    • Transmission type: Manual
    • Year of Manufacture: 1980
    • Chassis number: 92A0820347
    • Engine Size: 4700
    • Fuel Type: PETROL



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