Jaguar Mk1

Jaguar Mk1 FIA Race Car

When a car becomes known by its registration number then it must surely have created an impression. When recently discussing this Mark I with a very high profile BRDC racing driver he immediately said ‘You mean SDW740 Neil. I have raced against it many times over the last 30yrs. What a great racer’. This truly is a fantastic car and pretty much unique at that.

Always used as a race car and most recently part of the Alan Lloyd race program this car comes supplied with a remarkable 5 box files of race history.

In its recent iteration the car has been a 2.4litre car running magnificently, fed by an extraordinary bank of triple weber carburettors.

We have decided to remove the 2.4 litre engine and its supporting ancilliaries which will be sold with the car as part of its heritage. The car will return to 3.4 litre twin 2” SU carburettors FIA HTP specification and be supplied with papers to this effect.

With a Guy Broad 265bhp engine and a fully sorted suspension and drivetrain this racer will be very competitive and of course Goodwood Revival eligible.

A slice of Jaguar history for very little money

The car has been reviewed by Dep-O Magazine here:

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