Triumph TR2 Supercharged

Triumph TR2 Supercharged

SAF424 is an early 'long door' car from 1954. Chassis number TS529 has led a remarkable life. Collected from the Canley factory by Dr CJF Coombs in February '54 the special sports specification ordered hinted at the sporting appetite of the Bristol Doctor. Further upgrades in '55 included Derrington Manifolds and Alfin Drums preceeded the installation of an Arnott Supercharger in 1957. SAF424 was hillclimbed and raced by Tommy Taylor amongst others through the fifties and sixties before ownership passed from father to son. Carey Coombs undertook a body off restoration of SAF424 including replacing the tired Arnott Supercharger with the Shorrock fitted to the car today. Passing out of the Coombs family ownership in the eighties to 3 other collector owners before the car arrived in our collection in 2007.
Since 2007 SAF424 has been the subject of a bare metal respray back to its original black. Previous owners had changed the external colour to white but left the engine bay, boot and floors orignal black. Therefore the car has a superb patina based around excellent external paint and panels and completely original engine bay. Mechanically the Shorrock Supercharger was completly rebuilt in 2009 with all new internals. The engine and overdrive gearbox are all in good order as are the 10" front and 9" rear Alfin Drum brakes
Critically the history file supporting the car is the most complete we have ever seen. A vast amount of supporting history including letters from the Allard motor company to Mr Coombs discussing the supercharger fitment all come with this car. Finally to bring the history full circle the car comes with photos of Carey Coombs and his son, the grandson of the original owner reunited with SAF424 in 2009 fully 55 years after Dr CJF Coombs collected this wonderful car from the Canley factory. 

Your chance to own a unique piece of Triumph history. A car for the enthusiast collector. Surely a rare and gilt edged investment

See below for the full run down of SAF 424 great past:

6th February 1954    First registered to Dr C.J.Franklin COOMBS, a regular pre-war hillclimber.   He famously crashed the Caesar Special as second car up on the inaugural Climb at Backwell Hill Climb on 17th August 1935:  As Light Car reported: “….snaking nastily and finally out of control…it approached the corner hopelessly fast and still steaming, as railway folk put it.  A slide, a half-roll and a crash….Fortunately the driver, CJF Coombs, was not hurt, but his two-litre Caesar Special was distinctly awry.  Amongst other things the extremely light front axle was in two pieces and, although an old flaw was disclosed by the fracture, it seems clear that the break was a result and not the cause of the crash.”  The car re-appeared the following year and raced as a single seater, became known as the “Kaiserwagen” belonging to the Fry cousins, and was last heard of in 1946.  “Doc” Taylor participated in the same event driving a 1200cc Morris,  both he and Coombs as members of the Bristol Motor Cycle & Light Car Club.  Coombs was also the original owner of “Sir Toby Belch” the original CAPA car in 1936, and sold it to Tony Taylor in that year or 1937 who kept it until 1950.

1957     Arnott supercharger fitted.

2nd March 1958          Sold to friend and fellow Club member Dr Tony (“Doc”) TAYLOR, famous pre-war and post war hillclimber, especially with the terrifying  Alfi-CAPA (which later became known as the (second) Caesar Special) of which he had bought a share with Joe Fry in late 1938 and became full owner in 1945.  Following a re-build he raced it as the Caesar Special from 1948 (see VSCC Obituary) until he acquired SAF 424.  See “The Caesar Special” by “Doc” Taylor in Bugantics 1958.  

4th May 1958 Photo of Doc Taylor in SAF 424 on Prescott Hill Climb.  No 46 Class 1D.  Times 53.93 and 53.23.

Sold by Taylor to (Unknown).

1973     Car discovered and bought by Dr F Coombs’ son Carey on behalf of himself and his father for £120.


              Restoration commenced.  


1978     Dr Coombs replaced the Arnott blower with one bought from A.R.Allard -  a Shorrock C142B.

1983    Body off restoration by Dr Coombs.

3/4/ 1987     Owing to ill health Dr Coombs sold through Marksdanes Garage of Bruton, Somerset (who put on 60 spoke wheels to replace the original and unsatisfactory 48 spoke ones)

10/4/1987 MOT issued Shepton Mallett . mileage 0075.

In 1987 Candlish re-painted the car white.  He rebuilt the engine and gearbox, re-wired engine bay, re-trimmed interior, new hood and tonneau and s/screens.  For full description see his letter of 30/10/1992.

6/8/1988 MOT  Burnham Bucks mileage 940

22/7/1989 MOT  mileage 1785

1989 Dr Franklin Coombs died

3/8/1990 MOT mileage 579.  Oil cooler fitted.

2/8/1991 MOT mileage 1085

7/10/1992 MOT Maidenhead mileage 1445 

6/7/ 1993 new s/steel exhaust.  And see 1993 Candlish’s letter to TR magazine re supercharger operation etc.

24/5/1994 MOT Malvern near Ledbury mileage 1927

1994 Dr Tony Taylor died.  Obituary in VSCC.

22nd May 1996  Stephen James McRae registered as new owner living in Ledbury. At this time as Nominee for Paul Stoddart the millionaire airline magnate who in 1997 formed European Formula Racing, and whose driver Nigel Greensall  won F1 Historical Championship that year and 1998.   In 2001-5 Stoddart owned and ran Minardi F1 Racing Team.

10/8/1998 MOT Dudley, Birmingham (home of Stoddart’s companies) mileage 0028.

1998 Sold to McRae by Stoddart who continued to own the car until sold on in 2007.

19.2.2001 invoice in file from Clutch Distributors to Stephen McRae of Wood House, Staplow, Ledbury HR8 1NP

16/5/2002 MOT Bromyard, Leominster mileage 952.

11/8/2005 MOT Dymock, Glos (21 miles south of Bromyard) mileage 1072

12/12/2006 MOT Dymock mileage 1284.

Early 2007   New clutch fitted and new supercharger belts.

Winter 2007-8. SORN April 2008.  Fender Broad undertook bare metal respray and body restoration returning the car after some 21 years to its original colour Black (the engine bay etc had never been changed).  Suspension and running gear overhauled.

27/6/2008 MOT Bath mileage 1508.

January 2009 Shorrock supercharger re-built by Airfield Motors, Yatesbury, Wilts, inc new electronic ignition, plugs, ne Dynamo and system changed to negative earth.

Carey Coombs came over from France and reunited with the car.


    • Make: Triumph
    • Model:TR2
    • Exterior Colour: Black 
    • Interior Colour: Dark Red
    • Vehicle Type: Open Top Sports
    • Number of Doors: 2
    • year of Manufacture: 1954
    • Engine Size: 1991CC
    • Transmission Type: Manual and Overdrive

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