Driving Appreciation

Most businesses adopt a ‘strapline’ aimed at describing the businesses focus and ethic in a very few words.

‘DRIVING APPRECIATION’ does that for Fender-Broad. The classic car world continues to evolve and change in respect of cars in ‘fashion’ and what we choose to do with our cars. One of the fascinating things about the classic car market is that everybody has a different view of what is ‘best’ and how to use their cars if indeed they choose to use them.The market is so flexible and cosmopolitan that everybody is right! Whether you choose to keep your car in a garage or show as a static exhibit you are right. Race, rally, hillclimb or tour you are right. Use everyday or high days and weekends you are right. Neil and Guy can find the car for you and guide you to the best car for your requirements.


Fundamentally we like to drive our cars. The Broadsport demonstrator 7NXK will clock up in excess of 5000 miles this year as it did last year and will do next year. It was designed by Guy and built for that purpose. It has been driven extensively throughout Europe as it has on motorways and major cities without fear of bearing let down. We also race and rally our valuable cars because we enjoy the competitive side of the historic car movement. Over the last 10 years, a vast array of opportunities to use historic cars have emerged. You could literally fill 52 weeks a year with your choice of classic car activity if you had the car, time and money.


Having said we like driving we also understand that the cars we drive are valuable assets. Choose your car carefully and the assets will appreciate ahead of other cars and indeed many other mainstream investments. The emergence of major investment banks into the classic car movement is based on nothing other than sound business logic and understanding the investment potential in the cars we love. Get your buying decision wrong and the unwitting buyer can reflect at leisure on the ‘cost’ of their misguided judgement. At Fender-Broad we have over 60 years spent in and around the historic car and investment banking industries. We are here to help our customers get it right. When you do your DRIVING APPRECIATING will be as satisfying and complete as own.