How lucky are we. Summer fun at track and on road

Sitting in the race paddock at Spa anticipating my 18year old son Angus’s first race at the legendary circuit in his British GT BMW M4 I afford myself the time to reflect how fortunate we are to love all forms of the internal combustion engine. From 1919 to 2019 we are embracing motoring heritage in a most engaging and active way.

With British GT Spa sandwiched between our home fixture Chateau Impney Hillclimb and Silverstone Classic I feel hugely privileged to enjoy modern race cars with my son and classic competition cars too. I wonder what form of racing he might be ‘enjoying’ with his son in 25 years time? For sure the modern sport will be very different. Formula E already silently creeping into our peripheral vision. No noise, no smell must be a strange thing to watch. I remember F1 back in the screaming V12 era. So noisy you could barely hear yourself think. No you could have a coffee and a sensible debate about Brexit! Well, maybe not! The historic racing will always entertain and provide an insight to a different time. You only need to see the huge variety of cars at Chateau Impney and the enormous entry for Silverstone Classic to understand that we may be driving electric or similar as our everyday cars in future BUT there’ll always be a place for the internal combustion engine as a source of excitement and fun.

Fender and Broad will continue to enthusiastically support all forms of motorsport as these 2 photos prove. Angus Fender in Triumph TR2 Goodwood Members 2019 and BMW M4 at Silverstone

Monday, May 15, 2017

Jaguar owners club visit to FenderBroad

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Recently unearthed in East London.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Escaping the onset of winter by shipping PKV693 out to Malta to race may sound like a lot of fun.....It was!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The British X30 Junior kart championship is the most competitive Junior kart series in the country this year.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Two second in class trophies will be returning to base after a fantastic run over 5 days in the beautiful ancient city of Mdina Malta.

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Occasionally in life, there comes a time when second best simply isn't good enough. A time when you've worked hard and dealt with the tough issues life throws at you to the point when you can say 'this time I want the best'. 6 years ago I reached that moment.
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We are enthusiasts and enjoy nothing more than competing in race, rally and hillclimb events. Following our Le Mans Classic exploits in 2010 where we were the first drum braked car home in our XK120, things went a lttle quiet until Guy had a fantastic result at the Goodwood revival in the same 120 and then again in the Cooper Bristol.
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Our stock of classic cars is changing on a regular basis. We have cars that are 'turn key' and ready to go. Others are in the latter stages of restoration or final preparation. Please call and discuss your requirements. We can usually find what it is you would like even if we don't have it presently in stock. We are always looking for similar stock.
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