Driving Appreciation

Our appreciation of the historic cars we buy, restore, sell and love goes back to a time when they were not even considered particularly special or valuable. Our earliest memories are cars related.


Most businesses adopt a ‘strapline’ aimed at describing the businesses focus and ethic in a very few words.

‘DRIVING APPRECIATION’ does that for Fender-Broad. The collector car world continues to evolve and change in respect of cars in ‘fashion’ and what we choose to do with our cars. One of the fascinating things about the classic car market is that everybody has a different view of what is ‘best’ and how to use their cars if indeed they choose to use them. The market is so flexible and cosmopolitan that everybody is right! Whether you choose to keep your car in a garage or show as a static exhibit you are right. Race, rally, hill climb or tour you are right. Use everyday or high days and weekends you are right. Neil and Angus can find the car for you and guide you to the best car for your requirements.

We are Coventry people by birth and car families going back 4 generations by our heritage. Today we are father and son and we come at the collector car world not as the engineers our father and grand father were but as enthusiasts and racers with engineering sympathy and knowledge. Neil Fender is an FCA accredited banker with expert knowledge of collector car finance. Angus Fender is a qualified engineer with motorsport emphasis and we offer these skills to enable your driving appreciation to be track based. Our knowledge of the market is unsurpassed and our advice as part of your driving appreciation underpins the excellent service we provide and have done since 2008.

Neil’s entire family worked in the Coventry motor industry all their careers building cars for brands such as Alvis, Jaguar, Triumph and Austin Healey. The stories his parents and grandparents used to tell about life in the fifties and sixties motor city fuelled his passion for cars and especially, but not exclusively Coventry built cars. If the adage ‘show me the boy aged 7 and I will show you the man’ is true it would have shown two small boys destined to enjoy motor cars.

Like Father like Son,  Angus remembers observing his Father’s and Grandfather’s passion for the Great British Sports Car. Having spent most of his childhood in the passenger seat, it was only a matter of time before Angus felt the urge to drive for himself. 15 years later, having competed in modern and historic racing machinery, Angus’ passion for all things automotive is just as it was as a little boy watching his father.

About Us

Neil Fender

Neil declined an apprenticeship in the Coventry motor industry much to the regret of his grandfather who had ‘pulled strings’. Instead, he went into further education at business and sports college before spending his working career to date in the Banking and Sport including motorsport business. Throughout this time Neil began owning, racing, rallying and collecting classic cars. Inevitably, Coventry made the cars, and the collection and value of his cars grew in line with his career progression.

Our lives ran a parallel course until 1996 when an XK120 in need of significant remedial attention brought us face to face for the first time. Since that first meeting, we have become firm friends, sharing many great times together usually in and around the race track or bar!

Today’s classic car market is very different from those that we remember as children. Ownership and participation have become a ‘lifestyle’ with tours, rallies and racing organised across continents on almost a weekly basis. With the right car, it is now possible to fill your calendar with wonderful social classic events year-round. Equally important is the fact that owning a classic is now an investment decision. Buy the right car and not only will you access all the ‘lifestyle’ things we have said but your asset will appreciate in value. In setting up Fender-Broad Classic Cars we believe we have the perfect complementary blend of skills to offer our customers the very best guidance and advice on what car to buy to best suit their needs.

Angus Fender

Angus was born in and around the classic car environment. Since a young age he was obsessed with anything with wheels, including cars and especially motorsport. Angus first tried his hand at racing aged 8 at Buckmore Park, where he caught ‘the bug’ before championship success and strong performances on the European and British karting stage cemented his desire to drive.

Angus made the switch into car racing in 2017, where he contested for podiums and wins in the Ginetta GT5 and Ginetta GT4 spec series. In 2019 he was given a fantastic opportunity to drive for BMW in the M6 GT3 where he claimed 2 podiums in the final 2 rounds of the 2019 British GT Championship.

Since then Angus went on to enjoy more success and several victories in modern, and historic motorsport including wins in our very own Dodge Viper.

Angus has recently stepped up his involvement in his Father’s business, managing the showroom, website and social media. Angus brings an interest in the retro-modern classics transitioning Fender-Broad into a more diverse business.