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Combining our love of driving and classic cars.

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We are enthusiasts than enjoy nothing more than race, rally and hill-climb events.

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Sourcing, preparing and passing on cars we like, to people we like.

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Fender Broad

Welcome to our website. After several years of virtual inactivity due to COVID and the passing of both Neil and Guy’s fathers Fender Broad is back to consign and sell cars we like to people we like. That was always our philosophy and it served us from 2008 to date.  The death of respective fathers signalled a rethink about life and how we spend the precious years we have left enjoying the cars we love. Among various things the last 4 years has taught us one thing does stand out. We all need to enjoy our time on this planet now and each day fore we do not know when it will end. That means buying the car you like and driving it as you like before you pass it onto another custodian, We are all just custodians of these amazing cars. We can’t take them with us, but we can enjoy them whilst we are here. So if you have always wanted a classic car and have a dream. Our advice is to do it whilst you can.


Rest In Peace Keith Fender and Jeremy Broad. You left a legacy that has been Fender Broad Classic Cars.
Part of the evolution of Fender-Broad is that Guy and Neil will no longer be restoring cars and selling them as Fender-Broad. We remain friends but the shape and focus of this business has evolved from Jaguar and Triumph into a broker and retailer of collector cars across different decades and marques. The collector car movement continues to morph and evolve and we move with it by introducing fresh from an Engineering Degree specialising in motorsport Angus Fender. You will see more modern Retro Classics and race cars appearing on our site and this reflects Fender-Broad moving over time to be Fender & Son. Angus loves the classic cars from the 1950’s and 60’s but he also like many younger enthusiasts likes more modern classics.
Finally, we have located in Holt near Bath. No more 2hour drives to Coventry. Just a 5 minute meander to the showroom and workshop that enables us to provide, sales, service and storage in the Bath conurbation. March 2024 heralds Fender Broad and Son sees us back from the sidelines into the mainstream of collector cars fun!