Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III Convertible

Year of Manufacture: 1965

Make: Rolls-Royce

Model: Silver Cloud Convertible III

Exterior Colour: Dark Blue

Interior Colour: Turquoise

Registration: KYY107C

Transmission: Automatic

Year of Manufacture: 1965

Chassis Number: SHS349C

Engine Size: 6 3/4 Litre

Fuel Type: Petrol


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The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III convertible is one of the most iconic and desirable cars of its generation. The revised front light configuration earned the car its ‘chinese eye’ reference and that is the car we are delighted to offer for sale here. Matching numbers fully documented and ready to be enjoyed.

In the 1960’s such a luxurious, capable and expensive car attracted the rich and famous as suiters. Many of these cars have a celebrity story to tell. This car is most famous for its role in the 1966 Carlo Ponti film ‘Blow Up!’. The film very much shows the glamourous swinging 1960’s with a young trendy fashion photographer using the car in various scenes. See the clip of the movie. So not only does this car have fame it is also preserved for ever in these movie scenes.

Our customer bought the car some 15 years ago fresh from a thorough P&A Wood refresh. Since then it has been enjoyed as part of his large collection and domiciled in Porto but still on the DVLA database here in the UK. The car presents in outstanding condition with a faultless mechanical and cosmetic finish.

Just fully serviced, MOT’d and prepared for sale we offer a magnificent piece of British engineering ‘on the button’ without fault and sure to provide the new owner with many outstanding memories that almost go without saying when you are sitting in the magnificent Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III convertible.

It has been my pleasure to drive this extraordinary vehicle some 300miles and each mile has been a joy. This is a huge car and it has outstanding main road manners. However, surprisingly it handles really well on back roads and poorly kept roads. Diverted off a motorway I ended up on single track roads and the car was very compliant almost as equally at home. Happier on ‘A’ roads of course but make no mistake this is not a boulevard cruiser. When you want power it has ‘ample’ and when you want to swing around tight bends she will do that for you too. You would think assisted drum brakes might struggle to stop a big car like this. Not so. The car brakes really positively and has no issue with scrubbing speed off. These cars are magnificent pieces of British engineering. Every detail has been considered and the quality of finish and attention is unprecedented. I really ‘get’ why those fortunate enough to be able to order this car would do so back in 1965. Equally, if you are doing well in life and you want something really outstanding to enjoy your classic car hobby then this is a worthy contender. So very very rare and so absolutely classy and outstanding. A wonderful car.