Jaguar XJS Convertible

Year of Manufacture: 1994

Make: Jaguar

Model: XJS Convertible

Exterior Colour: Saphire Blue

Interior Colour: Cream

Registration: M240 AGN

Transmission: Automatic

Year of Manufacture: 1994

Mileage: 90,440



+44 (0)7794 477 785


Launched in September 1975 the XJS replaced the legendary E Type. We have bought and sold dozens of E Types but this is our first XJS. Indeed we have both the XJS and early XK8 in convertible guise for sale as we meander from a gloomy winter into a spring and summer of fun.

So what better time to have both the XJS and XK8 to tinker with and make ready for your perfect spring summer autumn grand touring experience. I have driven some 500 miles refining this XJS after it has spent pretty much 7 years doing less than 1000 miles in total being kept as part of a small collection by its most recent owner since 2019. The most recent owner bought the car for just under £20k in 2019 and this is documented in the history. With the work done to the car it represents excellent value

To make the car its best self we have attended to various mechanical and electrical maladies replacing the, battery, alternator, crank sensor and the front brakes including new calipers, discs and pads. A full engine service including plugs and filters. New tyres give the car and driver grip that the 4 litre straight 6 needs as a you ‘whoosh’ up speed in the very torquey grand touring XJS

There is a substantial history file with this car detailing a repaint and new soft top back in 2016. The bodywork remains very good save a small mark on the rear nearside wheel arch that I will leave as is for you to see and then fix if required. The file has includes the original stamped service record and book pack plus various MOT’s and photos of the repaint and bill for new hood.

What’s the car like to drive? When you climb onboard you sit in a ‘boardroom’ of wood and leather. Fire up the straight 6 and it does ‘whoosh’ into life. Engage drive and set sail is a grand experience and you literally glide through the highways and byways of the UK. When you want some real ‘waft’ plant your foot and the automatic gearbox kicks down and you engage ‘warp drive’. The handling is sure footed, compliant as the XJS eats up bumps in the road on its perfectly balanced suspension. On the motorway reach your chosen speed and engage cruise control for a relaxed run to your destination. Could be France, Italy, the alps, Scotland or Skegness. The XJS has an answer to every GT need. When the sun shines and you want to cruise the riviera with the roof down you can turn off the air conditioning and press a button to lower the elegant blue hood.

The XJS is not a ‘sports car’ in the truest sense of the word. The XJS is a grand touring car that can ‘sport’ you to where you want to be with ample horsepower and torque. You will arrive at your destination with optional wind in your hair and your spine unmolested by harsh suspension.

This facelift example is in my view the one to have. The edges have been softened on the car and the details have been refined to give an all around ‘better’ version of the earlier model.

Changing gear, once the holy grail of classic enthusiasts would be wholly not the way to go with the XJS. The car isn’t a 6000rpm fire breathing sports car encouraging you to red line before manual gear changes. The XJS is about a more refined driving occasion. To the pub maybe. On holiday with your partner and all the luggage you could want, most definitely. The car could most definitely be an everyday car and with only 90k miles in 30years there are a lot more miles to be driven in this superior convertible derivative of the 140mph Jaguar XJS

The car has a new MOT and I continue to drive, improve and enjoy it to the point a new owner takes delivery of this really rather classy piece of Coventry Jaguar engineering excellence