Jaguar XK120 FHC

Year of Manufacture: 1954

Make: Jaguar

Model: XK120 FHC

Exterior Colour: Old English White

Interior Colour: Red

Registration: BJK966

Transmission: 4-Speed manual

Year of Manufacture: 1954

Chassis Number: 669158

Fuel Type: Petrol



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We have been buying cars we like and selling them to people we like for over 16 years. We love the cars and we love the stories about them and their owners. Enjoy this.

Sometimes the ‘story’ is about the early history of a car. Sometimes that early history is lost and it is all about the modern history. In this instance we have a very thorough documented history including photos of the car back to 1954 when the car was new. There are written documents tracing all the previous owners of this car who provide insights to their enjoyment of BJK966. It is a complete picture of the cars 70 years of service. It is a very interesting read and leaves one feeling privileged to play a part in the next stage of BJK966 service as we reach out to a new custodian. In reaching out to a new custodian we pay tribute to David the most recent owner of 26years. A highly respected member of the XK community he believes the time is right to hang up his string back driving gloves for a new custodian to take up the history making of this very elegant and striking car.

So we have a fully documented car with original chassis, body, gearbox and registration number. The car was first registered by Henly’s of London and registered to an Eastbourne owner and registration number. Originally in Birch Grey the car changed to red in 1962 according to the photos of the car from that year in the file. The engine was replaced with a period MkVII block and C Type head together with 2” Sandcast Carburretors and this is what is in the car today. David bought the car from Jeremy Broad and Guy Broad in 1998 and the car was fully restored and painted in Old English White. At this point the modern history of this car began and what a life it has led. The annual mileage is documented on a spreadsheet and one can see this was a car that has been well used and well cared for. The correct ‘warranted’ mileage on the date of purchase on the 5th of December 1998 was 65952 right up to the 5th December 2023 where 04538 documenting 38586 smiles of enjoyment using this very special car. During that time the car had an engine rebuild by highly respected Sigma Engineering and service every year as a matter of fact. There is a huge file of history and service documentation for this car. It is very comprehensive and highly impressive.

The car was used as it was meant to be used and there is a large selection of rally plates for events the car was enjoyed on. These are in the photo file. Most recently and significantly the car was invited to the Geneva Motor show as part of as part of the Jaguar stand. This event fully reported upon by Philip Porter the most respected authority on all things Jaguar. Of all the many cars available to attend this event it was this car that was chosen to represent the XK120. Praise indeed. Additionally there are CD’s of events this car was used in and together it forms a most comprehensive and insightful reporting of this ‘famous’ car.

So, how is the car today? The car has been used and I love that about this car. It is the very essence of what an XK is all about. They are great places to be and great cars to drive. Mechanically the car has a fast road Sigma engine fitted with C Type head and original 2” Sandcast Carbs. There are uprated servo disc brakes to the front. It has a cooling fan. That aside the car is as it was when it rolled of the production line on the 23 rd of April 1954. Disc wheels and spats, cross ply tyres, excellent Moss gearbox and a heater. It drives really well and we will service it again to keep the annual service record up to date. When I first saw the car I thought the paint was ‘tired’ with various cracks and chips in the paint. But I have spent the day with this car and having driven and photographed it I am growing to like and prefer its patina. You absolutely could argue that it requires painting again and we can do that for you. You could argue it returns to Birch Grey. I would advise against that because the recent significant history including Geneva has a white car. If we need to paint the car it will be a very straightforward job as the door hinges and gaps are perfect. The car was taken to bare metal when last painted decades ago. That quality work has stood the test of time well. Underneath is very solid and reading the history file the annual services by Sigma always attended to corrosion prevention. That shows. There are no undue bumps and rattles when driving. Some of the bushes look worn but they are simple replacements if they are indeed required.

The XK120fhc is the most beautiful PRODUCTION car ever made. I believe that and have done so for a very long time. With spats and disc wheels it looks so elegant and classy. This car is a wonderful place to be and enjoy. The price quoted includes a fresh respray in Old English White paint. If like me you prefer the patinated used look give me a ring and we can discuss a price for what is a remarkable car coming from a respected great home.

Price dependent on whether or not you would like the car painting before delivery. Inquire for more details.