Jaguar XK120

Year of Manufacture: August 1952

Make: Jaguar

Model: XK120

Exterior Colour: Black

Interior Colour: Biscuit Leather

Registration: 717YUJ

Transmission: Getrag 5 speed

Year of Manufacture: August 1952

Engine Number: L104678-H2

Engine Size: 4200



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Raise your gaze from dashboard and past the matching mahogany steering wheel and you are greeted by one of the great sights of Jaguar history. The sweeping wing and bonnet viewed though the split screen. The red tell tails topping the side light pods and in Broadsport tradition the immaculately louvered bonnet suggesting this black beauty has pedigree and race horses under that bonnet. So it has, as we have equipped this car with a 4200cc stage II fast road engine with fuel inducted twin 2” SU carburettors and exhausted through the best free flowing manifold exhaust available today.

To drive this 120 is a joy. A peddle box extension allows 190cm+ drivers to sit comfortably. The engine fires and rasps in a very enticing way. Engage the first gear and go. Go as fast as you can or dare. The car simply eats up mile upon mile leaving you thrilled but not shaken when you and your passenger arrive at the Chateau holiday you have promised yourself. Road holding is outstanding and you can take far more speed into corners than you would expect. The car can be encouraged to drift and power slide. It makes you smile. In my case like a little schoolboy. I’ve driven many but this one is special.

It’s a Broadsport and that’s as good as it gets. The 12month warranty provides post sale comfort and peace of mind. It doesn’t get better.

Please phone for a full specification.