Jaguar XK150 3.4 S

Year of Manufacture: 1959

Make: Jaguar

Model: XK150 S

Exterior Colour: British Racing Green

Interior Colour: Suede Green

Registration: TSL976

Transmission: 4-Speed manual with Overdrive

Year of Manufacture: 1959

Mileage: 51,434

Engine Size: 3400cc

Fuel Type: Petrol


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Occasionally in this wonderful world of classic cars you come across a ‘jewel’ of a car. Incredibly rare to start with and virtually unrepeatable to find in this unmolested condition.

The 250bhp Jaguar XK150S 3.4 litre might have punched 15bhp less than it’s 3.8 sister but it still had 40bhp more than the standard SE spec car. This car packs a punch and performance the equal of modern hot hatches of today with 130mph achievable and a spirited 8 seconds to 60mph.

The drophead coupe is a grand touring car that in my opinion had no equal in the 1950’s. Yes, it was quick and convertible but it also has luxury and refinement provided by a superb hood. The drop head literally ticks all the boxes of luxury sporting grand touring motoring of the 1950’s and on. Indeed it still does so today keeping pace with modern traffic and eating up mile after mile of European roads delighting the driver in all respects.

Flash forward 64years and it has been my absolute pleasure to drive this car back from its long term European home of 22years. Simply sensational to drive, doing everything it should do perfectly for the near 1000miles I have driven the car. Each mile a joy and a privilege

Now, it is my privilege to find a new owner for the car and prepare the car for whatever the new owner wishes to do with this unique car.

Why unique? This car is a super rare correct S variant retaining the original chassis, engine, gearbox and colour scheme of British Racing Green with original Suede Green leather interior.

Mechanically the car is without fault with a freshly restored engine that will be warrantied by us for 12months of 1000 miles. The only upgrade on this car is power steering that can be assistance adjusted to the driver needs or indeed turned off. Perfect for parking and high speed motoring alike.

The bodywork is outstandingly good with perfect panel gaps and no play in the door hinges. Just a gentle push and the door closes perfectly. The only consideration is what to do with the interior. The seats are original unrestored and have no rips. Just patina really. The carpets are the original ones for the car as is everything else in the cabin. My thought today is that we preserve the interior and gently improve the car without losing the essence of its originality. I am thinking dye the carpets that have faded in the sunlight back to suede green and re Connalise the leather keeping all the patina but making the original interior the best it can be BUT original. That said a perspective owner may want to fit new carpets.

So with the conundrum of how to finish the car for sale we present this amazing prospect to market with a mandate to enable a new owner to direct the refurbishment of the interior to their choice.

Owning an ‘S’ car such as this comes with it a responsibility to do the right thing. Whether we make the trim the best it can be but original OR engage some limited restoration is a conundrum indeed because as we all know they are only original once!

The car is supplied with the relevant Heritage Certificate confirming the correct numbers and history for this fabulous car that we are privileged to bring to market for the first time in over 2 decades