Lotus 23B

Year of Manufacture: 1963

Make: Lotus

Model: 23B

Exterior Colour: British Racing Green

Interior Colour: Red/Black/Alloy

Transmission: Hewland 5-Speed manual

Year of Manufacture: 1963

Chassis Number: 23-R-871

Engine Size: 1600cc

Fuel Type: Petrol


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The Lotus 23 was designed by Colin Chapman as a nominal 2 seater race car for the FIA Group 4 racing of the early 1960’s. Unlike its predecessors the 15 and 17 the engine is mounted amidship behind the driver similar to the Lotus 19.

In 1962 the 23B arrived with the gear lever moving from the centre to right hand side of the cockpit. More structural rigidity tubing was added to take the torque of the 1600 Twin Cam Cosworth refined unit mated to the Hewland MkIV 5 speed gearbox. This configuration proved to make the 23B a giant killer in the true Colin Chapman style. A giant killer of the 1960’s and the same today.

This 23B has been with the same owner since purchase in 2006 from Legends Racing. The car has been extensively used and highly successful with the present and previous owner in the UK. Prepared meticulously regardless of cost for Luis Ribiero to campaign all over Europe. Only for sale as Luis hangs up his string backed race gloves following a highly successful racing career.

This 23B presents a rare chance to own a piece of Lotus history that is eligible for Goodwood and so many other race series where it competes and beats a lot of more expensive and powerful cars. In the very image Colin Chapman loved and would still love today. Buy the car now and have it ready for the 2024 season. The car is sold with all the Racing Fabrication and other invoices from service providers and a selection of spares and 7 spare wheels.

We can prepare and run this car for you if so desired.