Porsche 912

Year of Manufacture: 1966

Make: Porsche

Model: 912

Exterior Colour: Red

Interior Colour: Black

Transmission: 4-Speed manual

Year of Manufacture: 1966

Fuel Type: Petrol


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In the 1960’s Porsche had a dilemma. After the popular 356 had reached end of production it became apparent that the sole car in Porsche’s line up was the then-new 911. The one-model line up wasn’t the issue; it was the fact that the 911 cost considerably more than the 356 did and Porsche were concerned they could lose their client base.

Thankfully though an idea was born: take the expensive 6-cylinder out of the 911 and replace it with a slightly detuned engine from the final edition of the 356. This more efficient engine in combination with the low drag of the 911 body and the reduced weight enabled the 912 to achieve 36mpg and led to impressive sales numbers; in fact, the 912 initially outsold the 911, leading to healthy sales figures, happy clients and ensured the success of the 911.

Originally supplied by the Autogerma in Bologna Italy in August 1966 this Red 912 – affectionately known as ‘Ruby’ – spent its early years in Italy before it was subsequently exported to sunny California.

It didn’t return to Europe until 2015 where it entered the UK for the first time (that we are aware). Although – in thanks to the favourable climates the car had been in – the body was in great condition for its age the previous owner decided it deserved a freshen up, and treated Ruby to a full glass-out body respray in its factory supplied colour. It now presents in outstanding condition for its age and suggest it’s one of the best and honest examples available today. and there are only a few areas that could require attention:

  • The Dashboard has been recovered but not as original.
  • the headliner requires minor attention due to general wear and tear.
  • The drivers and passengers window seals would benefit from repair or replacement
  • The drivers seat has a split in the vinyl on the base pad, though is hard to see and very small.

Presented largely as it left the factory, the 912 did come with some desirable factory options:

  • 9303 Antenna
  • 9307 Speaker
  • 9101 Chrome Hub Caps with Porsche Crest
  • 9127 Wing Mirror
  • 9169 External Thermometer 60mm (very rare but sadly not currently working)
  • 9189 Floor Mats
  • 9265 Wooden Steering Wheel
  • AM/LW Radio.

Only a few non-original upgrades feature including installation of an electric fuel pump and swapping the original unreliable carburettors for more efficient Weber units – both common and accepted 912 upgrades. Of special note is the airbox which was custom-made to replicate the look and design of the original, while allowing fitment to the Weber carburettors. Thankfully it also remains originally left hand drive, and has not been subject to RHD conversions as so many have done. This means the vehicle is also ideal for export outside the UK if required.

The car presents in very good condition generally with some minor work required to make it perfect however all in all, a 912 in exemplary condition for its 57 years, and ready to be enjoyed by its next custodian.