Triumph TR5

Year of Manufacture: 1967

Make: Triumph

Model: TR5

Exterior Colour: Royal Blue

Interior Colour: Beige

Registration: LHP288F

Transmission: 4-Speed manual with Overdrive

Year of Manufacture: 1967

Chassis Number: CP1

Engine Size: 2500cc

Fuel Type: Petrol



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We offer for sale one of the most significant cars in Triumph history. THE prototype TR5 chassis CP1. Construction by Project Development Dept began on the 5 th July 1967 and the car was road registered on the 22nd September 1967 in Royal Blue with beige trim. I have had the privilege to own and sell some of the most significant Triumph TR’s ever made. My grandfather worked at Triumph and he lived across the road from the work gates. Triumph is part of my heritage. He would have built this car! Triumph people and collectors know the most desirable and valuable TR is the TR5. A transitional bridge from the 4 cylinder TR4A to the TR6 the TR5 kept those Michelotti curved looks but enjoyed that gorgeous 2.5litre straight 6 engine whilst introducing Lucas Fuel Injection to give 150bhp at 5500rpm. This was a master stroke to counter the extra cylinders and capacity offered by MG’s new MGC ahead of the TR6 and the relatively small numbers (2900approx) produced and the upgrade to 6 cylinders has made the TR5 the most desirable TR today. The car features in many many magazine articles from back in 1968 and books on the Triumph brand where the cars is named documented. Furthermore the history file with this car is significant and comprehensive documenting its early history and its exhaustive restoration with limited miles since.

So what’s it like to drive? We have managed to work on the car to iron out some technical issues that often compromise low mileage restorations and the car now looks superb and drives as well as it looks. From cold the car gives 80lb oil pressure. Warm the engine through and set off on a trip in CP1 and you are immediately aware of that so smooth free revving engine. The petrol pump gives that familiar whirring noise as you inject the straight six with ample fuel to make the car really pull strongly and emit that rasp of the exhaust which is intoxicating and simply sensational. The gearbox is lovely and smooth with a purposeful snick snick as you go up and down the gears effortlessly supported by instantaneous overdrive on 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears. There are no suspension upgrades on CP1. So it’s quite a soft ride compared to most TR’s of this kind which tend to have upgraded suspension packages that tend to make a harsh ride on rough roads. Not so here and the all new correct suspension and independent rear end handle the bumps and rough roads very assuredly. Returning to the garage on a cold winter afternoon CP1 has really impressed me and done everything the Project Development team would have hoped when they set about building this first TR5 back on the 5th July 1967. We could waffle on for pages about the history and significance of this car. Suffice to say that if you like Triumph and you understand Triumph history this car is well worth adding to your collection. Afterall you will never find another pre production line TR5 because there isn’t one! When you think the similar E Type made £900k at auction just a few months ago this car really should be £100k+. When you think that the first production line car CP2 sold for over £75k last year and what other significant TR’s have fetched in recent years this should be £100k+. BUT we work for the selling owner and include a drivetrain warranty for 12 months or 3000miles plus a superb history file for little more than a really nice TR5. An investor collectors bargain.