Welcome to 2015

2014 has been a great year for Neil and Guy. We restored more cars than we ever have before. We sold more cars we like to people we like than ever before. We have built a portfolio of restorations for 2015 that will give the friends we know and the friends we have yet to meet the chance to work with us on the purchase and development of their dream car. It is indeed a very exciting time for Guy and I and all of our staff in Coventry and Bristol.


2015 will for sure have more racing for us, especially with PKV693 the Works TR2 that finished 9th at Le Mans this year, and 5th at the Goodwood members meeting. We have the chance to work with Alex Buncombe in developing the car. He is a super quick racer of historic and modern sports cars. It will be Alex's pleasure to work with us! Racing will not be exclusive to cars as we are delighted to announce that H+H auctions has agreed to sponsor Midland Champion and multiple regional kart racer champion Angus Fender. Now 14, Angus will challenge in the Junior British Championships this year. Our thanks to Simon Hope and his longstanding and highly respected auction business for recognising talent when they see it and giving a young up and coming racer that little help that is essential. The journey from good to great can be expensive!

Broadsport XK's

We have 5 Broadsport XK120's in build and for completion in 2015. Restrained by space and staff before, our Bristol 15000sq ft site has given us the chance to build more cars we like for people we like. We also have the first Broadsport E Type completing in the spring too. Guy will develop this car and we will sell it when we have it 'just so'. It will be a masterpiece from the Jaguar master builder Guy Broad. Finding cars to restore of the right quality is becoming very very tough. If you have an XK you are considering selling please give us a call. Rusty but proud old 'wrecks' especially wanted!

On the button As we enter 2015, uur stock of cars for sale and ready to go has a really nice blend and balance to it. New to the market are an ultra rare twin cam MGA an equally rare Works TR3, an Ex Goodwood XK120 Broadsport, a stunning E Type FHC, and a good mix of XK's and other things we like. Probably the best stock balance we have ever had.

Servicing for the spring

Please don't leave it until the last minute to unwrap from a deep slumber your classic car. Get the car booked in early to make the most of your 2015.

Its going to be another great classic car year!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fender and Broad are pleased to celebrate Charlie Smith behind the wheel of a rally car again.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Two second in class trophies will be returning to base after a fantastic run over 5 days in the beautiful ancient city of Mdina Malta.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Fender and Broad XK150S 3.8 returned to the track after more than a decade.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The racing season draws to a close and the international racing exploits of Neil and Guy reach a new peak.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Three times Fender and Broad have raced at Le Mans Classic and each time have returned with a superb trophy which I often look at and cast my mind back…

What we do

Occasionally in life, there comes a time when second best simply isn't good enough. A time when you've worked hard and dealt with the tough issues life throws at you to the point when you can say 'this time I want the best'. 6 years ago I reached that moment.
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We are enthusiasts and enjoy nothing more than competing in race, rally and hillclimb events. Following our Le Mans Classic exploits in 2010 where we were the first drum braked car home in our XK120, things went a lttle quiet until Guy had a fantastic result at the Goodwood revival in the same 120 and then again in the Cooper Bristol.
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Our stock of classic cars is changing on a regular basis. We have cars that are 'turn key' and ready to go. Others are in the latter stages of restoration or final preparation. Please call and discuss your requirements. We can usually find what it is you would like even if we don't have it presently in stock. We are always looking for similar stock.
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